How we wear our favorite “oversized” denim jackets
October 1, 2017
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We decided to dilemma how to wear a bulky denim jacket

Often there are some pieces that we like very much, but we are not sure how to take them in everyday situations. Fashionable dilemma, how to carry a cumbersome Texas jacket this time has saved us a fashion blogger.

I like trends but not and I follow them blindly. I’m trying to choose the trend that goes with me and which I can interpret in my style, says Stasa.

Trend oversized texas jackets are fantastic, you can absolutely use your old, even worn-out jacket, and maybe you can find it among the old clothes of my mother / aunt, and even my dad or husband! Fashion always turns into a circle, so it’s good to keep things safe. You can wear this jacket in any shade of light, dark or dark (I decided for a certain place), the jacket can be torn off or not, with inscriptions, stickers and the like.

I bought my “big” Tex jacket online, very convenient, and I wear it literally with everything, dress and sneakers, shorts and trousers, jeans, even with elegant dress, because it gives it the perfect dose of nonchalance.

It’s great for autumn, because you can wear a lot of layers beneath it. Perfect for every occasion! 🙂

It is now in the focus of the fashion of the nineties. In addition to Texan jackets, high-waisted jeans and belts with silver details are also worn.

I am a great fan of the Narcos series, whose action takes place in the nineties, which are an inspiration for almost all trends now. I find it especially interesting to dress Maritz, precisely in the oversized jacket, high-heeled jeans, jewelry with crosses and the like. I often love the inspiration for dressing up on the movie, as well as in the series.

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