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March 29, 2017
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July 22, 2017
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Spring chic: Wear a Texan jacket in 7 ways

Texas jackets have returned to the fashion scene more versatile than ever before.

Different models of jackets from the toys are worn at every opportunity and fit in with everybody’s style – from romantic models with embroidered floral details or lace to punk-rock jackets with spikes, ninjas and skin.

Fashion experts advise combining the Texan jacket for the spring of 2015. See 7 ideas on how to carry them:

1. Overcoat

The winter season was completely in the form of “oversized” coats and jackets, and so when the Texas models are in question, you can freely opt for those 2 numbers larger. Put it over your shoulder and combine it with a wide sweater and short sleeves for an interesting and different look.

2. Texas jacket

If you have a texas jacket, try wearing it with a thin belt around your waist. This will give him a different note and a new smile.

3. Shown jacket

We are sure that a lot of you have a jacket from high school days or you even have inherited your mother’s model. Wear it with a t-shirt with print and hell.

Photo: Profimedia Photo: Profimedia

4. Like a shirt

Fully change the point of the jacket and slip it under the sweater to engage.

5. As a detail

This is a simple and effective trick. Turn the sleeves of your jacket to show bracelets or watch.

6. Lying and feminine

For a comfortable and feminine look, put on a Texan jacket over a casual black dress, wrap your shoes and you are ready for a day-long walk around the city.

7. Diligently

You can combine a Texas Jacket with a more daring look, such as a combination of a skirt in bright color with unusual print and blouse.

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